Gap of Dunloe Tour

For 250 years, the Killarney Day Tour has been the most famous visitor excursion in Ireland. Mountains, lakes, woodland and legend in scenery that has no equal worldwide. It is a mini-adventure for young and old through Ireland’s world famous Lake District.

Option 1

Your first option would be to begin your tour at 10.0 a.m. approx. with a 10 km. coach tour from Old Weir Lodge, Muckross Road, Killarney to the world-famous Kate Kearney’s Cottage, situated at the start of the glacial valley. Here, you change to a pony and trap, or you can walk up through the mountain pass (10 km) – Gap of Dunloe, hewn, two million years ago by slow-moving ice.

Gap of Dunloe jarvey

En-route you pass five lakes linked together by the river Loe, with spectacular mountains on either side.

The Gap is a narrow mountain pass between Mac Gillycuddy Reeks (to the west) and the Purple Mountain (to the east.) En-route you pass five lakes linked together by the river Loe, with spectacular mountains on either side.

Stopping at Lord Brandon’s Cottage, on the Gearhameen River, you can enjoy a snack lunch (not included in the price) and take a stroll around to enjoy the scenery on the shores of the Upper Lake.

Gap of Dunloe day tour

At 2pm the boatmen will call guests to the boats for departure, you will tour the two Rivers and three Lakes of Killarney’s National Park, enjoying the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world – the majestic natural oak woodlands of Derrycunnihy and Tomies mountains on the Upper Lake, to the Old Weir Bridge, where the boat may be able to “shoot the rapids”, which leads you to Dinis Cottage and the Meeting of the Waters, where the three lakes meet.

Killarney boat tours

Killarney boat tour near Dinis Cottage

Now under the Toothache Bridge into the Middle Lake, where you can see Torc Mountain and pass close to the Colleen Bawn Rock. You may catch a glimpse of the White-Tailed Eagles, soaring over the mountains. Under Brickeen Bridge and now you are on the Lower Lake where you can see Historic, Innisfallen Island, with its ruins dating back to the 6th Century. It was here that the Monks wrote The Annals of Innisfallen, which tells of their lives and times on the Island. It is now on display in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. The old Copper Mines are nearby, where copper was mined in Killarney three thousand years ago, and in the distance – Ross Castle, ancient seat of the O’Donoghue Clan, where the tour finishes at approx. 4.00pm.

During the boat trip, you will be told the history and legends of the area by the boatmen.

Your coach will return you from here back to Old Weir Lodge, Muckross Road, Killarney.

Killarney boat tour

Option 2

Another way to do the tour, would be to hire bicycles in the Town in the morning, cycle down to Ross Castle (1 ½ miles) the boatman will put your bicycle on the boat, and take you up through the Lakes to Lord Brandon’s Cottage, where there is a little café for a snack. You can then, at your leisure, cycle down through the Gap of Dunloe to Kate Kearney’s Cottage (10 km) and back to Town.

(No bicycles are taken from Lord Brandon’s Cottage to Ross Castle).

Option 3

If you don’t want to take a bicycle, after the boat ride from Ross Castle, you could walk down through the Gap of Dunloe to Kate Kearney’s Cottage, and either call a taxi from there, or take the Killarney Shuttle bus back to the Tourist Office.

Option 4

Another option would be to leave your car at Ross Castle, take the boat ride up the Lakes to Lord Brandon’s Cottage, have a snack at the little café there, if you wish, take a little stroll around this scenic area, which is on the shores of the Upper Lake, and at 2.0pm, return again to Ross Castle by boat, and back to your car.

All tours would have to be pre-booked, as we only send up the number of boats for the amount of people we know are doing the trip.

There are many ways to enjoy this magnificent trip!

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