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The no. 1 day tour in Killarney... for 250 years!

The no. 1 day tour in Killarney… for 250 years!

Other Activities

Other activites (for groups only) offered by Killarney Day Tour include:

Boat trips to O’Sullivan’s Cascade
O’Sullivan’s Cascade is a quiet, secluded cascade on the southern shore of Killarney’s Lower Lake, Loch Léin. A popular tourist spot in Victorian Times, the area can also be visited via Tomies Wood.

Inisfallen Island
Some of the most impressive archaeological remains in Killarney date from early Christian times, and the most important of these is the ruined monastery found on Inisfallen Island in Lough Léin. This monastery was founded in the 7th century by St. Finian the Leper, and was occupied for approximately 700 years. Over a period of about 300 of these, the ‘Annals of Inisfallen’ were written, which chronicle the early history of Ireland as it was known to the monks. The Annals are therefore an extremely important manuscript, and the original copy is kept in a controlled atmosphere in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. The monastery here is also thought to have given rise to the name Lough Léin, which means “Lake of Learning”. We run boat trips to Inisfallen on a regular basis. For more information please contact us.

Fishing Tours
It is possible to rent a boat and driver for fishing tours throughout the summer season. This tour depends on availability and weather conditions. There is a maximum number of 3 anglers per boat. Prices include the rental of fishing gear and tackle. Tours come in the form of a full day of half day’s fishing.

Muckross House
Tours from Ross Castle to visit the famous Muckross House and Gardens can be arranged. It is possible also to arrange collection for groups from Muckross House where a tour can be arranged of the house and a meal after in the restaurant with views of the famous gardens.

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What people have to say…

“We did our trip backwards and started with the boat trip. The scenery was stunning and our boat driver was great! He highlighted a few spots on our trip and had us stop to feed the begging pheasant! Ha! We then landed at Lord Brandon’s cottage and took a pony and trap through the Gap of Dunloe. Many people attempted to walk or bike the Gap, but I can’t imagine attempting that! The roads are skinny and filled with horse and traps. The path is also very steep and winds around up the mountain path! Our trap driver pointed out the area of the Gap where they filmed the Irish Spring commercials! Just beautiful!”
Becca, Bloomington, Minnesota

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